Announcing the Launch of Kingdom Vision Radio

06.06.22 02:40 PM By Beula Park

Beula Park International Conference Centre launched its official radio station, Kingdom Vision Radio at event on Mount Zion Prayer Hill on Wednesday, 1 June 2022. This marks an exciting extension to the international media and collaboration platform implemented by the Conference Centre's senior stakeholders. 

Kingdom Vision Radio

Kingdom Vision Radio boasts a brand new studio that will serve as the basis for daily programming and broadcasts focussed on various educational and religious topics. The platform will also serve as a broadcasting mechanism for communities, church-goers and various small- and medium businesses to gain exposure through this newly launched media platform. 

From Local Conference Centre to International Media Platform

"Kingdom Vision Radio is the only Christian radio station that provides a trans-denominational, transcultural and neutral platform where Christian churches, ministries, organisations and fellowships can voluntarily and spontaneously come together" stated Dr. Nico Landman, President of the PPC Church, who was present at the launch. "We are unashamedly Charismatic in our approach to ministry and firmly believe that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are still operational today".  

The launch of the radio station is only one of the avenues developed by the team at Beula Park. The International Conference Centre and its stakeholders also boast with a private school, Taalnet, that operates on the same premises and has since the start of the pandemic launched a successful international online learning platform through its education brand, the Beula Park Academy. Beula Park Academy is the proud provider of the BB-CEO programme, an online theological course.

Dr. Landman announced the official opening of the broadcast stream, which can be accessed internationally on any computer or smartphone with a data connection. "Our mission is to build unity amongst Christians by promoting love, understanding and acceptance irrespective of race or denomination" stated Landman. "Our vision is to see every believer walk in their God-given destiny and fulfil the great commission."

How To Listen

Listeners can access the live stream, available 24/7 on the links below or can listen directly on the Beula Park International Conference Centre Website:

The Road Ahead for Kingdom Vision Radio

Kingdom Vision Radio will be announcing various broadcasting and advertising packages to the community over the upcoming weeks and will offer affordable packages to churches, ministries, organisations and fellowships as well as the business community. These stakeholders will have the opportunity to contribute entertaining content to a wide audience inclusive of talk-shows, interactive educational shows as well as avid, topical discussions about trends, news and upcoming events and conferences. Between the local edutainment and content, Kingdom Vision Radio also offers christ-centred music to uplift the hearts and minds of its visitors and listeners. 

Media Enquiries

For media and advertising enquiries please contact us on the link below:

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